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Romertopf Clay Bakers and Roasters

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Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers
Clay pot cookery can be traced back thousands of years, when food in earthnware pots were put in the flowing ashes of an open fire. What was important was the taste of the food. The Romans, lovers of good wine and good food, used pots made of special type of earthenware.

A nutritious diet is essential in maintaing good health, but foods can loose nutritional value when preparation processes allow valuable nutrients to escape. Voila! The Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers clay pot is an "easy cooking method that seals nutrients in and allows one to cook with low fat.

Cooking with Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers avoids over-cooking while it eliminates the need for added fats. Soaking the Romertopf in water before it is placed inside the oven allows it to create and maintain moisture that cooks recipes to perfection, while preventing the nutrients from escaping.

Meats can be trimmed of all fat and poultry can be cooked without skin and still come out moist, tender, flavorful and browned with no need for basting. Meat, potatoes, rice and vegetables can all be cooked together to make nutritious and flavorful one-pot meals, or then can be prepared separately.

Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers cooking not only saves nutrients, but also saves time. Simply soak the Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers in water for 5-10 minutes, place ingredients inside and place the entire pot in a cold oven set a 400-450 degrees. Then just walk away. Workout, play with the kids, or soak in the tub for 45 minutes to an hour the Romertopf needs to cook your meal to perfection.

Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers clay pots are available in a variety of sizes, from the Maxi, which holds a 17 lb Turkey to a 2-4 lbs capacity pot. They are unglazed to ensure perfect absorption, so that ample moisture is available in the cooking cavity.

Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers is manufactured to meet the original German standard for quality, longevity and safety. The strictest of supervision ensures that Romertopf's natural terra cotta contains no lead or cadmium.

Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers is made of special porous clay and is unglazed inside and out, allowing it to "breath" during cooking. By soaking the pot in water before cooking, moisture is absorbed by the clay. Moisture is released during cooking, penetrating and blending with the natural food juices, increasing flavor, and tenderness-enhancing aroma.

The Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers is primarily designed to be used in regular ovens where it gives you the most delicious and exciting gourmet dishes you have ever dreamed. Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers can also be used in a combination microwave oven with conventional heat. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for time and temperature.

Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers uses engineered packaging in order to practically eliminate breakage. A major difference to other manufacturers.

Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers has also enhanced the use of cooking with Clay Bakers by introducing new cookbooks like the "Consumer Guide Cook Book", followed by "The Complete Guide to Claypot Cooking" and "The Good Health Low Fat, Low Sodium, Clay Pot Cook Book". Cooking With Romertopf Clay Bakers can achieve tasty meals without the addition of salt and/or fats.

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