Monday, January 8, 2007

Toilet Training My Cat

How I Toilet Trained My Cat

Well I just scooped my last cat poop from the litter box, and threw the litter box in the dumpster. My cat Warrior is now toilet trained.

One day, after cleaning a very offensive and foul smelling litter box. I asked my self ,"Who is the master here, me or my cat". Clearly it was my cat Warrior. Here I am, cleaning up after him, feeding him, brushing his fur etc.

So off I went surfing the internet to find information on ways to toilet train a cat.

I found the perfect item called Kitty Whiz at I ordered it and no sooner had it arrived at my home and Kitty Whiz on the toilet seat but Warrior immediately started inspecting it, it met his approval and Warrior's toilet training began.

Wow! It was so easy. I asked my self, "Kitty Whiz where have you been all my life?" In less than a week Warrior was toilet trained and using the toilet like a pro.

I am no longer a slave to the disgusting cat box. I am saving money by NOT buying cat litter and my house does not have the ever present "cat box odor".

Everyone listen, stop with the cat box already. Toilet train your cat with Kitty Whiz which you can buy at

Have fun talk with you later.


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