Monday, June 22, 2009

Romertopf Clay Baker Purchasing Guide

Clay bakers have been used since ancient times. Cooking in a clay baker produce delectable healthy dishes. Clay cookware from Romertopf allow you to cook meals meat, fish and vegetables in their own natural juices. Their is no need to add water or additional fats.

Clay bakeware is easy to maintain. Clean-up with warm, and a stiff natural bristle or nylon brush, or a nylon scouring pad and a little baking soda will cut any grease.

Romertopf clay cookware can be used for roasting, baking main courses, side dishes, appetizers breads and deserts.

Clay Baker Small - comes in the following sizes perfect for the intimate party with friends and family.

  • Model 01102, 2-3 lbs
  • Model 01092, 3-5 lbs
  • Model 01112, 4-6 lbs
The above clay bakers from Romertopf can hold from one or two chicken breasts, whole chicken, couple of pork chops along with accompanying vegetables and potatoes. These clay bakers are also perfect for deserts such as apple crisps, peach cobblers, and more...
These small clay bakers are perfect to feed from 2 - 4 people.

Clay Baker Medium - For the larger family. The new design Romertopf bakers are perfect. Ranging in size from 6 - 12 lbs, these are great for large chickens, roasts, meat loaf and lasagna.

  • Model 01402, 5-7 lbs
  • Model 01222, 6-8 lbs
  • Model 01232, up to 12 lbs
Along with your main dish of poultry, beef or pork, it is easy to add vegetables and potatoes to cook in the same Romertopf clay baker.

Romertopf Swing Design holds up to 12 lbs

Clay Baker Large - Sometimes referred to as the turkery roaster. The largest Romertopf baker holds up to 17.5 lbs. You can place a whole turkey, including the stuffing, inside and roast it in the oven for Thanksgiving dinner or other special occassions. Roasting your turkey in clay baker there is no need to baste. Just before the turkey is done remove the lid and roast for 15 - 20 minutes for a perfect golden brown, succulent turkey.

  • Model 01132, up to 14 lbs
  • Model 01172, up to 17.5 lbs

Romertopf Maxi, holds up to 17.5 lbs

Romertopf Fish Baker - Roasts your fish tender and moist. No more over-cooked dryed fish. The Fish Baker is specifically designed for cooking fish. It is longer than the traditional Romertopf clay bakers, so the entire fish can be laid across the bottom. Your fish will be more tender and flavorfull. Add vegetables and potatoes and you have an entire meal. The fish baker holds up to 4 pounds.

Romertopf Fish Baker Model 01122

Romertopf Vegetable Baker - The ultimate way to cook your vegetables. Moisture is released during the cooking process and steams your vegetables to perfection. No need to add water or fats.

Romertopf Vegetable Baker, Model 06162

Romertopf Companion Pieces

Apple Baker - Perfect for your favorite baked apple recipe. Top with ice cream or caramel, or your favorite topping and you have the perfect desert.

Romertopf Apple Baker, Model 06252

Banana Baker - Perfect for your favorite baked banana recipe. Sprinkle on some brown sugar, rum or chocolate sauce and voila! A family hit.

Romertopf Banana Baker, Model 06242

Corn Baker - Makes moist tender corn every time.

Romertopf Corn Baker, Model 06262

Garlic Baker - The ultimate way to roast garlic. Comes in small and large.

Romertopf Large Garlic Roaster, Model 07072

Bread Baker - Bread bakers for every occasion, Round, rectangular and loaf bakers. Crusty, shiny crusts every time.

  • Model 06102, Loaf Bread Baker
  • Model 06142, French/Italian Bread Baker
  • Model 06122, Round Bread Baker

Romertopf French/Italian Baker

Romertopf Round Bread Baker

Romertopf Loaf Bread Baker

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cooking Turkey In Clay Pot Video

Cooking in a Romertopf clay pot produces a moist tender Turkey. No need to baste.

Thank you to Hope and Kevin for this instructional video.

The Romertopf Clay Baker featured in this video Model 117 will hold up to a 17.5 lbs turkey.

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