Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Romertopf Clay Bakers TerraCotta Bakeware Care Guide

Care and Use Directions

Before using for the first time, wash thoroughly with hot water. Do not use soaps.

Each time you use your Romertopf Clay Bakeware, immerse both the top and base in cold water for about 15 minutes. Pour off excess water.

After adding all the ingredients place your Romertopf in the center of a COLD oven.

DO NOT ADD COLD LIQUIDS once the Romertopf is hot.

Regular recipes usually can be converted for clay pots by increasing the cooking temperature by 100F and deducting one-half hour of cooking time.

Romertopf is ideal for the microwave. Because microwave ovens vary to such a great degree, use the oven manufacturer's guidelines for cooking times.

To keep your Romertopf in top condition for many years, take care not to shock it by moving it from one extreme temperature to another.

Use pot holders or oven mitts to move your Romertopf when it is hot, and place it on a trivet, mat or folded dishtowel when moving it out of the oven.

Cleaning, use hot water only, and a stiff natural bristle or nylon brush, or a nylon scouring pad to clean after each use. Do not use soaps; a little baking soda will cut any grease. Never use cold water when the Romertopf is hot.

When not in use, keep the Romertopf in a place where the air circulates. Place lid upside down on top of base when storing, to allow air to circulate inside the bottom of the roaster.

Don't use the Romertopf on an open flame or hot cooking plate. Your Romertopf is designed for oven and microwave use only.

Use one Romertopf for fish and a separate one for meats, to keep the flavors separate.

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